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‘Leadership’ – just a buzzword?

‘The top 15 leadership skills’ or ‘10 things true leaders have mastered’, I come across articles all the time with catchy titles like these. Everyone seems to know what good leadership looks like; people talk about it, write about it, blog about it, but do they practice it? It makes me wonder: is leadership just a buzzword nowadays?

People usually gain credibility because they have been doing something for a long time. And that may be exactly the problem: Some people take advice seriously only when it comes from an experienced source. However, there are examples of poor leadership that stem from a lack of continuous reflection; an attitude of ‘we’ve always done it this way’. I reject that mindset because it prioritises habits over results.

So why don’t we ask the newbies, the relative youngsters who have not yet fallen into inflexible habits? Something I have noticed is that beginners tend to reflect on and observe a whole lot about their leaders and how it applies to their own behaviour, because they are still discovering their own best work styles. That is why we might learn a great deal from our wannabe leaders.

Keep reflecting and practice what you preach: so that you can live leadership, and not just buzz it

Over the past years I have observed both a variety of great, inspiring and rather frustrating examples of leadership. I have seen that all this great input out there is not always lived by. I also made ‘notes to myself’ and started writing down when I witnessed good leadership skills. I will share these here and hopefully, remind you, inspire you and encourage you to not only find your own leadership style but also invite you to walk the talk! Let’s do this, guys!

These observations and examples I share on my page may not be new to you. Indeed, I hope they have been covered by plenty of articles and blogs on good leadership. However, as with so many things in life and our modern business world, the ideas may be clear, but we struggle with implementation. And the key learning from young wannabe leaders is:

Don’t let your habits be your best solutions. Keep reflecting and practice what you preach. If necessary, adapt your style so that you are the one living leadership, not just buzzing it.  

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