About the Wannabe Leader

What young wannabes know about good leadership

People usually gain credibility because they have been doing something for a long time. And that may be exactly the problem: Some people take advice seriously only when it comes from an experienced source. However, there are examples of poor leadership that stem from a lack of continuous reflection; an attitude of ‘we’ve always done it this way’. I reject that mindset because it prioritises habits over results.

So why don’t we ask the newbies, the relative youngsters who have not yet fallen into inflexible habits? Something I have noticed is that beginners tend to reflect on and observe a whole lot about their leaders and how it applies to their own behaviour, because they are still discovering their own best work styles. That is why we might learn a great deal from our wannabe leaders.

This blog is for all leaders and those who wannabe; for everyone who strives to become a better leader and who likes to be inspired.

And here’s a gentle reminder before you browse, read and reflect: we’re all leaders.

We can all demonstrate leadership every day – no matter of our age, position, experience or industry we’re working in.